Christmas Selling Exhibition 2018

This year's Christmas Selling Exhibition will open on Saturday 1st December and run until Saturday 22nd December.

Summer Selling Exhibition 2018

This summer's selling exhibition will open on Saturday 9th June and run until 30th June.

Christmas Selling Exhibition 2017

This year's Christmas Selling Exhibition opens on Saturday 2nd December and runs until Saturday 23rd December.

Summer Selling Exhibition 2017

This summer's exhibition will open on Saturday 10th June and run until Saturday 1st July.

Christmas Selling Exhibition 2016

The year's exhibition opens on Saturday 3rd December and runs until Christmas Eve.

Summer Selling Exhibition 2016

It is now just over twenty five years since I opened my shop in Yoxford and this summer's selling exhibition will be a celebration of the anniversary. It will open on Saturday 21st May and run until Saturday 18th June.

Christmas Selling Exhibition 2015

Summer Selling Exhibition 2015

This year's summer exhibition opens on Saturday 30th May and runs until Saturday 13th June. As usual it will be held at the shop in Yoxford and will include over eighty pieces of early furniture and associated works of art.

Christmas Selling Exhibition 2014

Summer Selling Exhibition 2014

Christmas Selling Exhibition 2013

Summer Exhibition 2013

Suffolk House Antiques Summer Selling Exhibition. Saturday 8th June - Saturday 22nd June. To be held at the gallery in Yoxford, the exhibition will include about forty good pieces of early furniture and a broad array of associated works of art.